Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Easy, Healthy, Gluten/Dairy Free Lunch

BBQ (Gluten Free Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce) Hot Dogs, Mac and Cheese (Rice Pasta with Daiya Cheez) and Sliced apples


  1. I'm sorry, but hot dogs with mac n' cheese—gluten-free or not—cannot be labeled as a healthy lunch.

  2. Brown Rice Pasta - About 85 percent of the calories in brown rice pasta comes from carbohydrates. You need carbs in your diet to provide energy to all cells.
    Nathan's All Beef Hot Dogs - Just like carbohydrates, protein also provides 4 calories per gram. Between 10 to 35 percent of your diet should come from protein.
    When compared to my child's public school cafeteria choices I think this option is very appropriately labeled healthy but Thanks for your comment.